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Erika is HOT!
Sophie is Mellloooow!
These chicks are crazy!
These bitches are evil!

Everybody's a Fucking Critic...

I've gotten my fair share of negative feedback, mostly for my political stuff but I just couldn't be bothered putting it all up. See, the people that piss me off are so fucking dumb and boringly cliche; I just can't torture you with such mediocrity. I have even gotten emails from people sending me criticism for shit they saw on someone else's website that is how dumb these fucks are. Anyhoo, what I do like is that every once in a while one of these maniacs can get my fur up and I reply with the most vicious and childish email I can muster. I'm very busy working on hit TV shows but even I need to take a break every once in a while to fuck someone up via the internet...

Um...Crossed Signals? Yeah!
Fan Art from Beppi! See it!
A Breath of
Fresh Air
My Famous Fans! Oooh!
Fuck these assholes. Ha ha! Critics are
Fun! Grrrrrr...
It's Bathroom Man! By Xeth!
This Roolz Baybee Go!
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See me fuck up an asshole named...Mattconnie???? Go!

See me fuck up a bitch named Arianna and see her come back for more!!! Go!

I try to make sense to Sean, a bleeding heart idiot. Go!

See me fuck up comic critic Greg McElhatton who trashed my work. I heard I wound up causing a fight in his family that ended up with his sister begging him to take down links to her artwork on his shitty lame-ass website. Go!

See him try to act like it doesn't bother him. Go!

See me criticize the woman who criticizes every comic book that she didn't create. Meet my arch nemesis, the phony baloney talentless Trina Robbins! Go!

See her timid, lame response! Go!

See me attack her again. Go!

And again! Go!

See what she looked like when I was done with her. Go!

From the "Oh I almost forgot!" File:
Baby Balls of Rage - I keep it short and sweet for this dumb dumb. Go!

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