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Once upon a time in Camelot there was a Kennedy named Rosemary. She was not as quick to pick up math and science as her many brothers and sisters. She didn't like all of the pomp and circumstance that surrounded every single thing that went on the micro-managed household in which she grew up. So, as a result, early in life she was branded the runt, untrainable, the less-than child.

As a young woman growing up in the famous Kennedy Clan, she was constantly measured and monitored for approval by a father who had ambitions like the US presidency for his firstborn atop a list of "Things to make sure I do before I die." And when she didn't fit the mold of "obedient trust fund leech" she was put to a battery of medical tests to try and figure out "what was wrong with her." Allegedly misdiagnosed for mental retardation she was tucked away in a nunnery. But what happens next is the most shocking betrayal I can imagine.


Was Rosemary Kennedy Retarded or Rowdy?

100% of me polled says Rosemary was Rowdy

How's this crazy shit start? Meet the man dammit! Silly Yvonne in all of her Gory! Good bad and ugly!
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