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The Bathroom Girls Win Dot Com Content War
(41 minutes ago) The Bathroom Girls have officially kicked all of the other comics off of their website. They were fucking sick and tired of being overshadowed by George Bushisms, slutty Strippers, talking toys and superhero imposters. All extra-curricular comics are being re-routed to

"Don't even get me started about Yvonne Mojica. That bitch would have no career if it wasn't for us." Madeline said. "She didn't draw us, we let her draw us. It's like that cockamaime theory about a baby choosing it's parents. Well, we chose that baby and she owes us." Erika and Sophie nod in agreement. Adjusting her bra strap Erika sighed, "I'm gonna be young forever but she won't. I resent all the energy she is giving every other comic strip. What if she dies before we can win an Emmy?" Sophie exhales a cloud of billowing green smoke. "Doesn't she realize how much weed she will be able to buy if she just gets the job done already."

Mojica seemed surprised that Madeline, the main character of her award nominated comic book was so angry with her. "In the comic book she is an angry kid but for some reason I thought I was immune to her wrath. I may have to start writing her different. Maybe it's the way I draw her." A tear streamed down Mojica's cheek as she assesed her latest sketches.

"If that bitch changes one angry line of my existence she's gonna regret it." Madeline fumed. "I may be an ink drawing but I am prepared to do everything I can to protect myself by papercutting the bitch to death. And she better not give me a mullet if she redesigns me. Enough Bathroom Girls readers already suspect that I'm gay. Androgony is cool but she doesn't have to totally ruin my chances to date Spiderman."

Hunched over a stack of sketches furiously working on a new Bathroom Girls drawing for the website Mojica pauses briefly to reflect. "I didn't realize how neglected they felt. I guess it's true a that tough exterior really is just a way to cover up sensitivity." And then she got a massive papercut and began projectile bleeding all over the walls. "Holy Shit! The bitch cut me!"

When Yvonne got back from the emergency room she resumed work on without saying a word. A sly smirk on her face is the only hint at how she feels about her favorite tough little chicks.

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