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Erika is HOT!
Sophie is Mellloooow!
These chicks are crazy!
These bitches are evil!

2 Cool Chicks and 4 Cute Guys Murdered By Gutless Wonder From Hell

It's a good thing that pussy bitch Kyle Huff killed his fat fucking ass. Anyone who would descend on an art scene with guns blazing is such a piece of garbage it's immeasurable. I know the mourners are planning to pray for this slug but really, when are we gonna stop forgiving the unforgivable? Some people do not deserve forgiveness. Let them earn a place in our prayers the right way, not by victimizing the shit out of us until out of sheer exhaustion and shock we give them a free pass into the heavenly kingdom fantasy just to shut down the guilt trip inspired by their needy bullshit in the first place. I KNOW THE MOTIVE: This big huffing loser was unable to get laid and unable to tap into his own talent. He forced his way into our consciousness the way he forced his way into the house, by injuring us; the loose knit community of people who believe in art and friendship. He obviously hated his twin brother for stealing his chance to be "unique"–to make him live the rest of his life walking the earth with the face of a total homo-killer. This prick was playing video games like a big fat giant baby who forgot to turn off the nintendo in his mind. GOD! I want to fucking rip his corpse to shreds. These kids gave him a chance not to be a loser and he shot himself in the face after thanking them with death. I pray he rots in hell 4eva!

  Suzanne Thorne Rocked the Universe

SUZANNE THORNE 15 and dead for no reason. Fave Band: The Distillers (one of my favorite bands ever! Download a song and rock out in honor of this cool little chica's soul.)

Melissa Moore Rocked!

MELISSA MOORE 14 and dead for no reason. Fave Music: Rap. Her last act on earth: Taking off and giving her coat to a girl she just met because the girl was cold. Download Eminem, shake your booty in memory of Miss Melissa and pledge to always put your anger in your art so we don't have to dodge and die for your creative outbursts.


Christopher Willamson

Justin Schwartz

Jeremy Martin

Jason Travers

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